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Make Phone Companies More Responsible for Children’s Online Welfare

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Why this petition matters

Change the Law to Make Phone Companies More Responsible for Children’s Online Welfare

This petition is born out of a personal tragedy. On February 11, 2023, my daughter Brianna Ghey lost her life in an incident that was planned using the internet. Her killers had easy access to harmful content online, including the ‘dark web’ where they watched disturbing videos. In addition to this, during her lifetime, Brianna herself struggled with mental health issues and was secretly accessing pro-anorexia and self-harm sites on her smartphone.

This story is a stark reminder of the dangers that unrestricted technology use can pose to our children. It’s not just about physical harm; it’s also about psychological impact. The internet is filled with harmful content that can easily be accessed by children without meaningful safeguards in place.

We urge mobile phone companies to take responsibility for safeguarding children against such risks associated with technology use. We propose an age limit for smartphone usage and stricter controls over access to social media apps and unsupervised internet use.

The Government says the Online Safety Act protects children, but I don’t think it goes far enough.

According to Ofcom, 49% of 8-11 year olds have a smartphone. This early exposure can lead them into dangerous territories online if left unchecked. Smartphone use in young people has also been shown to impact mood, increasing the risk of depression and anxiety.

It’s time we protect our children from these potential harms in their digital lives. We ask you – parents, educators, concerned citizens – to join us in urging mobile phone companies to implement these changes for the safety of our children and future children.

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